Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Garage Design Guide?

The Garage Design Guide is a collection of interactive garage design vignettes, each with their own dedicated web-page.  Each vignette focuses on a particular design component for garages, allowing the user to quickly browse through different design elements for easy comparison.

Why did we make it?

Avatar’s Studios’ main mission is to help builders deliver digital content that matters.  We wanted to do something special for the building community - something that would give any builder an immediate advantage when talking to customers, and would give any customer immediate clarity on the choices they are commonly faced with when purchasing a garage.

Who is it for?

Everyone! The guide is built for garage builders & customers in mind, but anyone is welcome to use it.

How does it work?

Simply choose from the navigation menu what design element you would like to review.  All vignettes are built for both mobile and desktop viewing.  Control the different design elements with the vignette menus at  the bottom of the screen, and swipe to across the screen (click/drag on desktop) to adjust the viewing angle.

What size is the garage in the guide?

The reference garage used in the designer is the most popular garage size in North America: 24'-0" X 24'-0".

Is everything in the Garage Design Guide interactive?

Yes! True to Avatar Studios form, each vignette is 100% interactive on both mobile and desktop displays.

Why no text?

Different builders have different methods/techniques/options/etc… that are specific to their business.  We made this resource to be a silent partner in the garage design/build process, leaving the real conversation for where it matters - between the customer and builder.

Can I design my own garage with this guide?

No.  The guide is made to serve as an online resource for considering different design elements, not as drafting tool for custom projects.  We recommend you contact your local builder for options on how to design a garage specific to your individual needs.

For inspiration for your own project, check out our custom garage gallery.

Do you create customized design components?

Absolutely.  We specialize in creating customized interactive content for builders.  If the missing design component you have in mind fits within our Garage Design Guide standards, it may be eligible to be included in the Garage Design Guide free of charge. Contact us to learn more about custom design components.

Is the Garage Design Guide complete?

No - We’ve barely scratched the surface! The Garage Design Guide will be growing for years to come. Contact us to learn how you can help shape the guide’s growth.