We Create Outstanding Visuals That Reflect More Than Just Building Plans.

Helping the user imagine themselves in an unbuilt space is what inspires us every day. Floorplans are good at relaying wall-to-wall dimensions, but they're quite terrible for anything else. We're passionate about creating beautiful experiences that present the builder's vision to their audience in a way that informs their curiosity as much as it empowers the intuition.

Our team of CG artists, modelers, and digital stagers work with builders on every level of each project - from the style of lighting down to the upholstery patterns on the background furniture. We begin every project with an deep overview that outlines the imaging strategy, and what will be involved to achieve the results you need.

"Fast is fine, but accuracy is final"

- Wyatt Earp

Applying Best Practices Of The Allegorithmic PBR Guide

Producing quality visuals is as much a science as it is an art. Avatar Studios follows the latest best-practice guidelines published by Allegorithmic - makers of the industry-leading Substance Designer. Their thorough analysis of the latest in Physically Based Shading principles sets the bar in the digital art community for high-fidelity results.

Adhering to the state of the art for the digital imaging community for the past 4 years has ensured we stay at the forefront of digital imaging in everything we create.

Working With Best-In-Class Digital Toolsets

1000+ Assets and Counting

We know what makes imaging stand out: Assets. Clocks on the wall, cutlery on the counter, a well manicured lawn with the occasional weed. Often it is the imperfections - the clutter , the scuff marks - that make an environment feel authentic and welcoming.

Our growing library of professionally modeled 3D assets has grown to over 1000 elements, meaning we have the ability to stage and compose each scene in any way you need. Urban chic, cottage industrial, or even Louis XIV - we have the means to achieve the look and feel your audience expects.

What Does The Studio Production Framework Mean For High-Fidelity Imaging?

We Will Understand Exactly What You Need

When we start developing the framework for each project, we start by thoroughly understanding the goals the project needs to achieve. We dive deep into the target audience, project objectives, and success metrics to understand exactly how the project is to be planned.

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You Will Know What The Studio Needs From You

Our team provides a clear series of to-do checklists, along with timeline way-points, at the beginning of each project to ensure everyone involved knows what is needed for success.

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You Will Know What Potential Your Project Has For Growth

We lay out the best direction every project can take in being incorporated into further projects down the road.

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You Will Know What The Budget Will Need To Be

We deliver a clear and transparent breakdown of the costs involved to get each project into an experience that users will love, as well as payment plans suited for the project's timeline.

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We Help Builders & Developers Articulate Their Vision With Stunning Visual Content.

Great imaging is more than just a pdf of an exterior facsimile and a floor-plan. Great imaging captures the imagination while also communicating clear expectations. That's why our studio is built on a foundation of meticulously composed visuals, with finishings and features that are carefully selected to reflect the finished project.

If you are interested in bringing your project plans to life, you likely also have a tonne of questions about what's involved. Believe us - there are more variables than you think in developing truly outstanding imaging. That is why we keep an open and robust dialogue with every builder throughout the production process.

We can start with the two questions every customer has: Budget & Schedule >>

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What's My Budget?

As with everything - imaging production costs depend on a number of factors, including what look and feel you are wanting to achieve, how fluid your project plans may still be, and how involved you intend to be in directing the final result.

We provide a thorough review of our budgeting options for every project we begin during the development phase of our Production Strategy. Our budgeting options are sensible and designed to work with the customer's project timelines.

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What's My Schedule?

What's My Schedule?

Producing High-fidelity Imaging from building plans requires detailed 3D modeling, placement of digital staging assets, test and production rendering, and post-process color adjustments. Our Studio Production Strategy lays out the timeline to accomplishing these steps for every customer, and outlines what is required from them at each step.

Typically, our delivery commitment for still imaging ranges between 2-6 weeks, and the delivery of associated deployment strategies can range anywhere between 1 to 3 months.

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